25th Mar (Sun)

1-day Meditation Retreat (in Mandarin)

24th Jun (Sun)

1-day Meditation Retreat (in Mandarin)


Cost $30/adult, $15/student or senior (>=60 years old) to subsidise running costs
(lunch and refreshments will be provided)


Registration is required. Kindly fill in our registration form and mail it along with your cheque to:
(made payable to Australia Buddhist Bliss Culture Mission)

Australia Buddhist Bliss Culture Mission
21 Woodthorpe Drive
Willetton, WA 6155

(Or ring us to make other arrangements. Tel: (+61) 8 9354 1245)

The start and finish times may vary. Please contact us to find out more.

24th Nov (Sat)

Half-day Meditation Practice (in English)

These half-day meditation practice sessions are provided free of charge.


Some Photos of Past Meditation Retreats:

Meditation Retreat and Practice includes Walking Meditation, ..

Sitting Meditation and ..

QnA Discussions about Meditation.