Special Events 2018

15th - 18th Feb

Lunar New Year’s Prayer - Lamp Offerings and Blessing Ceremony for Bliss, Brightness and Auspiciousness

1st Apr

Qing Ming’s Prayer - Prayer to Bodhisattva Guan-Yin (Avalokiteśvara) for Blessings

13th May

Parents' Day Prayer: Recite the Sutra of the Buddha's Discourse on the Difficulty of Repaying the Grace of Parents

27th May

Special Ceremony for Bathing-the-Buddha on Buddha's Birthday (Vesak)

22nd Jul

Prayer to Bodhisattva Guan-Yin (Avalokiteśvara) for Blessings

5th Aug

Memorial Service in Gratitude of Ven. Shen-Kai, Founder of World Humanity Vehicle Buddhism

14nd - 18th Aug

Prayer to Bodhisattva Di-Zang (Ksitigarbha) for Brightness and Elimination of Negative Karma

19th Aug

Ullambana Ceremony - Offering to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

17th - 18th Nov

Prayer of Repentance by Reverently Prostrating to 88 Buddhas